Glasgow’s Guide to Mammoth Cave National Park

If you’re visiting us to explore the beautiful Mammoth Cave this is the guide you are looking for! After staying in our beautiful downtown Glasgow-Barren County, your drive to the park will be filled with trees and wildlife. Mammoth Cave National Park stands as a testament to the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer. Mammoth Cave represents the ideal destination for adventure seekers looking for stunning landscapes and underground beauty. We want you to make the most of your time at Mammoth Cave National Park, so we suggest you follow this guide to make sure Mammoth Cave is everything you’ve imagined it to be! 

  1. Guided Cave Tours

When you think of Mammoth Cave, you probably think of the world’s longest known cave system, with more than 400 miles explored. When you visit us, a must do is the guided cave tour, which is the best way to explore the cave system. Trained park rangers will guide you through different sections of the cave, sharing all kinds of facts on the cave’s history and unique formations. You’ll take your pick among various cave tours like Historic Tour, Frozen Niagara Tour, or the challenging Wild Cave Tour for an immersive experience. Visit Mammoth Cave for more information on specific tours. 

  1. Hiking Trails

Although the cave is underground, there are lots of things to do above ground that we think you’ll love! One of those being a network of scenic hiking trails. Many of the Mammoth Cave hiking trails overlook the most stunning views, for example, The Green River Bluffs Trails which provides views of the river. Another popular trail is the Cedar Sink Trail which takes you through unique views of landscape, showcasing the perfect view of the park’s ecosystem. We suggest you hike even a few trails on your visit.

  1. Wildlife Watching 

On your way to catch a cave tour or hike a trail keep an eye out for lots of wildlife frolicing around! Mammoth Cave is known for the diversity of wildlife among the park. If you look closely you may see a white-tailed deer, turkey, and a variety of bird species. If you’re an avid bird watcher you will especially appreciate the park’s unique birds! No matter what you plan to do in the park, seeing all the wildlife is such a plus!

  1. Camping

Make your stay at Mammoth Cave even longer by camping in the park. There are several campgrounds to choose from, you will be able to immerse yourself in the nature surrounding each campsite. Whether you prefer backcountry camping or the convenience of developed campgrounds, spending the night under the stars at Mammoth Cave offers a unique and stunning experience. 

  1. Canoeing and Kayaking

After you finish your cave tour or hike over The Green River, next you’ll be set to canoe or kayak through The Green River. The Green River runs throughout the park, which presents so many water-based activities. At Mammoth Cave, you can rent a canoe or kayak and paddle through the serene waters, enjoying the scenic beauty and maybe even spotting some wildlife while on the adventure. 

  1. Stargazing

Mammoth Cave is designated as a Dark Sky Park, making it the perfect destination for stargazing. On the most clear nights, the absence of light pollution presents breathtaking views of the night sky. Look through a telescope or simply gaze at the night sky above, either way you’ll see stunning constellations.

  1. Educational Programs

We invite you to enrich your visit with the park’s educational programs. These special programs can include lectures, workshops, and demonstrations that dig deep into the geological, historical, and ecological aspects of mammoth cave. Check the park’s schedule to see if any of their educational programs align with your visit! 

We love when our visitors venture out to Mammoth Cave and enjoy the beauty of the park. We know that every visitor will find something to suit their interests because of the diverse range of activities offered at the park. Start by enjoying the depth of the cave system, then the scenic hiking trails, and ending with camping under the stars. Adventure awaits at Mammoth Cave National Park and in Glasgow-Barren County. 

*Photos are from Mammoth Cave National Park