From the Desk of Lady BARRENton– Dining: A Feast for your Senses

Dearest Gentle Readers,

It has come to this author’s attention that our beloved Glasgow, KY has transformed into an authentic feast for the senses, with culinary delights that could tempt even the most discerning of palates. Permit me to introduce you to the hidden gems that grace our fair region, each offering a unique culinary experience that is nothing short of exquisite.

First, we have the Fine Arts Bistro (FAB), where the culinary arts meet the visual in a harmonious symphony of flavors and aesthetics. This establishment is a haven for those who seek both nourishment and inspiration, with dishes as beautifully crafted as the artworks that adorn its walls. This charming establishment, nestled in the heart of our town, epitomizes “Local Folks, Serving Local Food!”

At FAB, breakfast and lunch are crafted from the finest local cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, breads, and grains. Under the expert guidance of Chef Danny, the bistro offers the healthiest food in town, ensuring each meal is a delightful and nourishing experience. Whether you dine in, carry out, or use their catering services, satisfaction is guaranteed.

For your convenience, they offer free delivery within Glasgow city limits for orders over $20. And let us not forget their exceptional coffee—espressos, cappuccinos, and specialty drinks that are perfect for a downtown escape.

Then there is Yancey’s Gastropub & Brewery, a name that has become synonymous with hearty, homestyle fare. This cozy haven offers exquisite food that is sure to leave you feeling pleasantly full, where each bite tells a story of tradition and care. This vibrant gem in downtown Glasgow is so masterfully run by Jen and Andrew Hubbell. Here, industrial chic meets culinary excellence, offering the best burgers, tacos, and baked sides topped with locally grown vegetables.

Indulge in one of eight locally brewed craft beers, such as the refreshing Yancey’s Ultra Light “The Lawnmower Ale” or the robust “Brittle Stem Stout.” They also have a few rotating beers, including the “Ladyfinger” Summer Ale that strikes a perfect balance, reflecting the rich brewing tradition of our region. Pair these with top-shelf bourbons from Kentucky’s finest distilleries for an exceptional experience.

Yancey’s also welcomes furry friends in the courtyard, on those warm summer evenings with a slight chill in the air. Their free parking in the back makes convenience assured. I urge you to visit Yancey’s Gastropub & Brewery, where every meal is an event and every visit, a delight.

For those with an affinity for vibrant flavors, Mercadito Latino stands ready to transport your taste buds. Here, the rich tapestry of Mexican cuisine is celebrated with dishes bursting with color and zest, each one a fiesta on your plate. This delightful establishment not only offers authentic Mexican cuisine but also serves as a Spanish market, providing a wealth of Central American and Spanish products. Beyond dining, it offers essential services like money transfers, check cashing, and even a butcher shop. Their legendary $1.35 tacos on Wednesdays are just one reason to visit this culinary haven. I encourage you to experience the vibrant flavors and warm hospitality of Mercadito Latino for yourself.

Let us not forget Kanha Kafe, this hidden gem adjacent to the historic Plaza Theater, offers a tantalizing fusion of American and Asian cuisine. Khana Kafe, has been delighting diners since 2016, and for most of those years under the gracious ownership of Malyneth. With a menu boasting everything from crispy southern fried chicken to the finest crunchy egg rolls, but it’s their pho that steals the show: a bowl of Vietnamese perfection in the heart of Kentucky. Whether you seek a quick snack or a leisurely meal, Khana Kafe attracts with its diverse array of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and entrées. A visit here promises a culinary adventure like no other.

Nestled within Barren River Lake State Resort Park lies a culinary gem: the Driftwood Restaurant. Here, amid breathtaking lakeside scenery, diners enjoy an exquisite dining experience. As a proud supporter of the Kentucky Proud program, the Driftwood Restaurant showcases local meats and produce, alongside Kentucky wine and spirits. Indulge in a lavish buffet featuring chicken cordon bleu, fried catfish, tender roast beef, Kentucky hot brown and a splendid soup and salad bar and delectable desserts. The Highlands Pub offers Kentucky’s finest refreshments in a relaxed setting. Whether a guest or visitor, the Driftwood Restaurant promises culinary delights beyond compare. Embark on this adventure at Barren River Lake State Resort Park.

Finally, to conclude our tour of gourmet pleasures, we arrive at Glasgow City Creamery. This local treasure serves up ice creams and confections that are the perfect sweet ending to any meal, a testament to the joys of indulgence and the artistry of dessert making. The Glasgow City Creamery is a charming ice cream parlor owned by the esteemed Hubbell Family. Here, amidst delightful frozen treats and delectable coffees, indulgence takes on new meaning. With recent additions like acai bowls (and pitaya bowls coming soon), the offerings are more enticing than ever. It seems Glasgow City Creamery has left no stone unturned in their pursuit of delight, offering an array of temptations ranging from regular coffee to milkshakes, ice cream, and zingers. While fun and enjoyment are foremost, the Hubbell Family ensures quality and customer experience are top-notch. Each treat is crafted with the freshest ingredients, promising a true delight for your taste buds. Whether a first-time visitor or loyal patron, Glasgow City Creamery warmly welcomes you to embark on a flavorful journey with them.

In Barren County, KY every meal is an event, every dish a masterpiece. I urge you, dear readers, to partake in this feast for your senses, and discover the rich culinary landscape that awaits.

Yours delightfully,

Lady Barrenton

Be sure to check out our ‘Dining’ tab to learn about all of our dining locations in the area, as these are only some of our many. Stay tuned for more delightful offerings and hidden gems as we continue our journey through the treasures of Barren County, KY.