We’ve taken out all the guesswork with these perfectly packaged weekend game plans.


1-Day Trips

Jurassic World

It’s Time Travel to Pre-historic advendures!

  1. Dinosaur World
  2. Mammoth Cave
  3. Diamond Caverns
  4. Outlaw Cave
  5. Onyx Cave

Action Adventure

It’s an all day affair at these two sites.

  1. Kentucky Action Park

    Alpline Slide, Zipline, Horseback Riding, Cave Tour, Wall Climbing, Trampoline, Go-Carts, Bumper Cars, Mini-golf
  2. Mammoth Cave Adventure

    Zipline, Horseback Riding, Tower Jump, Tarzan Swing, Aerial Challenge Course

Walk on the Wild Side

If Animals is your thing, then you’ve fallen into the ultimate alive and past life animal world.

  1. Dinosaur World
  2. Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum

Extreme Adventure

If Extreme Adventure gets your blood running, here’s the ultimate adventure!

  1. Tower Jump

    Mammoth Cave Adventure
  2. Wild Cave Tour

    Mammoth Cave National Park
  3. Tarzan Swing

    Mammoth Cave Adventure Aerial Challenge Course: Mammoth Cave Adventure

2-Day Trips

Home Grown

Regional specialties are better in Cave Country!

  1. Kenny’s Cheese

There's Only One

You can't see these anywhere else because There’s Only One in Kentucky!

  1. Mammoth Cave National Park
  2. Wigwam Village

Ready, Aim!

Ready, Aim, Fire a golf ball, fishing pole or an arrow!

  1. The Golf Place
  2. Diamond Caverns Golf
  3. Ridgetop Pay Lake
  4. Barren River State Park

1-3-Day Trips