Glasgow-Barren County Tourist & Convention Commission Funding Request ($1,000 or Less) Application


Any funds allocated from the GBCT&CC will be used solely to market tourism related events and projects occurring in Glasgow/Barren County, Kentucky. These must attract out of town visitors that will be staying in hotels. If funding is granted, the GBCT&CC must have strong visibility as an event sponsor. No money is given up front unless applicant provides valid reasoning for needing funding pre-event. Proof of weather insurance for all outside events is required with application. If the event is canceled for any reason, the funding contract is void. If money was given pre-event and the event is canceled, the organization will be held legally liable for any funds received.

*Fishing tournaments must have at least 50 registered boats to apply for funding.


  • After a request has been approved, a Letter of Commitment will be sent to the organization via e-mail.
  • Within 30 days post-event, the organization will submit the event’s final report. After verification of invoices and final report, the granted funding will be mailed via check to the organization. Failure to file this report with the GBCT&CC in the given time frame will result in forfeiture of the funding.

Final report must include:

  • A general summary of the event
  • Success metrics
  • Attendance data
  • Dates the event occurred
  • Description of how funds were directly used
  • Financial report
  • Copies of receipts/invoices
  • Proof of visibility of GBCT&CC as an event sponsor

"*" indicates required fields

Non-profit status is a requirement to apply

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